What ?

Between September and December 2022, the climate justice movement youth is going to occupy hundreds of schools and universities all over the world.
We will not give in until we achieve the end of fossil fuels era.

Our Demand: End Fossil…!

Our goal is to change the system by ending the fossil economy at an international level. Depending on the local context, the demands can vary between end fossil extraction, fossil finance, fossil funding, fossil infrastructures or others.

Why ?

The youth movement has showed its strength over the last few years, but emissions keep increasing as time to act shortens. The climate justice movement has the power to change the world, and the youth movement has the power to end fossil now.

The fossil fuel industry is one of the most important pillars of the system. If we dismantle it, we can lead the way to stop climate change and ensure a just transition for all peoples.

We believe each group of society should mobilize where it can to build a mass climate justice movement that will win. Thus, we will use the spaces we have – schoolsand universities – to organize the change of the course of history. We will use these occupations to fight for our presents and futures, which are only possible through demanding the immediate end of fossil fuels.

To occupy is to disrupt normality, and to disrupt is to shout loud and clear to the rest of society that our house is on fire. We will occupy to demand the end of fossil fuels. We will disrupt schools and universities because we can no longer pretend normality is fine: our duty as youth is to fight. We will occupy to prove that another world is possible, collectively showing and envisioning the just society we want to create: free of oppressions, and where the life is at the center, not profit..

We take our inspiration from innumerous historical examples, from the Penguin Revolution in Chile in 2006 and the Primavera Secundarista in Brazil in 2016, to the huge mobilizations following May 68 all over the world and many others that showed us that students have the power to deeply change society. We aim at nothing less: we start as students, but we want all society to take action for climate justice.

Who ?

Anyone, from any part of the world, who wants to organize local school occupations on the end of this year is very welcome to do so, as long as they agree to participate to achieve our core demand, and follow our 3 principles.

Our 3 principles:

The political framework behind these occupations is that of climate justice.
We want to end fossils to achieve climate and social justice globally. We want to end fossils through a socially just global process.

The school/university occupations are organized by the youth.

Our intention is to occupy schools and universities in several places, disrupting the normal functioning of society until the local demand is met.