Press Release: November Occupation

Students will occupy institutions for a livable world

In November thousands of Students will occupy educational and political institutions to fight for climate justice “We can’t rely on Governments and Corporations to ensure a livable world”

26th of November 2023: “End Fossil: Occupy!” is an international climate justice campaign, occupying Schools, universities and political institutions to radically transform the economic and political system. In Fall 2022 End Fossil: Occupy! occupied more than 50 Schools and universities. In May 2023 the campaign occupied 75 Schools and universities in 12 countries. This November End Fossil: Occupy! will peacefully disrup educational institutions as well as political institutions to “raise their voice in the face of political failure” and “realize a just society for all”.

2023 is history’s worst year for record-breaking wildfires. In Canada alone, wildfires have burnt more than 11.5 million hectares – an area roughly four times the size of Belgium. Syria lost 5 million sq meters to wildfire, displacing more than 50,000 people in 73 villages. In the EU, 468 289 hectares where burned and emitted 20 million Tonnes of CO2. 41% of that area is within “Natura 2000” protected sites.

Despite international agreements like the paris agreement and voluntary pledges to cut emissions by Governments and Corporations alike, the world is on track to 2° heating by 2050.
Governments like the UK government are increasing fossil subsidies. The German government is planning faster implementation of 138 “Autobahn”-projects, while withdrawing support for the “49€-ticket” for public transport.

“No matter, where we live, Sweden or Uganda, we need security against wildfires, droughts and floods. But politicians like Rishi Sunak and Olaf Scholz are ignoring science and the public. We can’t rely on Governments and Corporations to ensure a livable world. We, the youth, are rising up to build democratic power for a better world” – Said Syrina Bachinger from End Fossil: Occupy! Germany.

Occupations around the world sparked a wave of transformation in many places. In the Netherlands, “ISS” decided to cut its ties with the fossil fuel industry while in the Utrecht University, students successfully pushed the administration to declare a climate emergency. In the Czech Republic, students took to the streets and after successful negotiations, the minister of Trade and Energy agreed to phase out fossil fuels with community-owned renewables. In Barcelona, the university administration of UAB decided to introduce a mandatory seminar on the climate crisis.

“We need to take steps in the right direction: we must reduce our use of fossil fuels, include climate education in schools, develop more ambitious climate policies… the future of millions of people is at stake.” – Said Sara Santana from End Fossil: Occupy! Barcelona.

Countries, where occupations and other actions are planned in November, include Czeck Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Uganda, USA and Zambia.




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End Fossil: Occupy! is an international youth action occupying schools, universities and political institutions to disrupt the fossil economy. The vast majority of our campaign activity is conducted by unpaid volunteer activists. Climate Emergency Fund supports End Fossil’s international communications work.