How can I and/or my group get involved?

That’s easy: occupy your local school or university anytime between September and December 2022 to end the fossil economy. The only thing you need is to follow our 3 principles: youth-led occupation, climate justice framework, and occupy until you win those demands. That’s it! If you’re following these principles, feel free to use End Fossil’s branding – and don’t forget to pin your occupation in the website map!

My group is not youth-led, how can I get involved?

There’s a lot of ways. You can contact the youth in your context and offer them your support – political, logistical, etc. This can include, for example, joining forces and occupying other buildings (government buildings, banks, offices, etc) to form a broader alliance to smash the fossil industry. Get creative!

How to support & outreach the End Fossil occupations?

So many ways…it’s up to you! But here’s some ideas:

  • Start organizing your occupations
  • Post about #EndFossil on social media – you can use the posters but you can also create your own materials!
  • Reach out to organizations you know and tell them about End Fossil – start forming alliances!
  • Write about #EndFossil for local, national and international newspapers and magazines. Email the link to occupy@endfossil to be published in the website.
  • Organize your own webinars, events and conversations on why you’re Occupying
  • Organize presentations of what is End Fossil, whether online or at climate camps/other events. The presentation is in the resources page.
  • Do you have experience occupying? Send in your material!
  • Etc…Get creative!

How to get in touch with other people organizing occupations?

  • Pin your local occupation in the map and get in touch with others
  • Email to be added to the newsletter
  • Email to be added to the Telegram chat