MaY 2ND 2023


Starting May 2nd,   students around the world will again occupy hundreds of schools and universities to end the fossil fuel era.

We start as students,but we want to inspire all of society to take radical action with us. This time, we are calling out society to join the youth and to disrupt, blockade, interrupt and/or sabotage the fossil economy on the streets, the squares, the offices, the headquarters and the infrastructures.

Our Demand: End Fossil…!

Our goal is to change the system by ending the fossil economy at an international level. Depending on the local context, the demands can vary between end fossil extraction, fossil finance, fossil funding, fossil infrastructures, fossil importations, or others.

End Fossil: Occupy schools and universities!

Between September and December 2022, we occupied more than 50 schools and universities around the world to #EndFossil.

But the fossil fuel era has not collapsed yet. In fact, while we were occupying schools and universities, they presented their record criminal profits to the world. At the same time, governments and institutions keep fueling the fossil economy, refusing to do a just transition for all peoples in the world in time to stop climate chaos.

We know that to stop climate chaos and ensure a just society for all, we need to change the system. We also know that we must not wait for industries, governments and institutions to negotiate or to change by themselves: we need to change the system now. We must accept the task of taking the power in our own hands.

​​​​​​​With these school and university occupations, we will disrupt society’s business-as-usual to shout that our house is on fire. We will shut down schools and universities to have our demands heard, while at the same proving that another world is possible by collectively showing and envisioning the just society we want to create: free of oppression, and where life is at the center, not profit. 

As youth, it is our duty to radicalize and to lead the peoples’ movement that will end the fossil fuel era & transform society.

End Fossil: disrupt!

We start as students occupying schools and universities, but we need all of society to take radical action with us to end fossil. Only with as a mass movement that involves all of society taking responsibility to stop the fossil fuel era can we truly change the system!

We call on students to create alliances with other parts of the climate and social justice movement so that together we can mobilize everyone to take radical action to end the fossil economy and transform society towards climate justice. We call on non-students to disrupt the fossil economy’s business-as-usual on the streets, the squares, the headquarters, the offices,  the infrastructures and the pipelines.

Students, workers, farmers, scientists, academics, teachers, artists: starting May 2nd, let’s fight for climate justice and end the fossil economy now.


The political framework behind these occupations is that of climate justice.
We want to end fossils to achieve climate and social justice globally. We want to end fossils through a socially just global process.

The school/university occupations are organized by the youth.

Our intention is to occupy schools and universities in several places, disrupting the normal functioning of society until the local demand is met.

Anyone from any part of the world who wants to organize local school or university occupations is very welcome to do so, as long as they agree to participate to achieve our core demand and follow our 3 principles: youth-led occupation, climate justice framework for the demands, and occupy until you win.

If you are a student and want to organize an occupation at your school/uni, or if you’re not a student but want to organize an action to #EndFossil starting May 2nd, email